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Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Self Magazineís April issue. The title of the magazine says it all for Kim Kardashian. Kimís narcissism trumps Charlie Sheenís any day of the week. Too bad we canít see Kim cracked out repeating ďDuh, WINNING!Ē Oh well! At least we know Kim has staying power in the self-promoting arena, if Charlie Sheen canít remain wild enough to keep his act going he will be off the radar quick! Advice to Charlie: take some lessons from Kim when it comes to self-promotion. All you need is a sextape, nude photos, and a dash of sex appeal.

The sex tape queen interviews with Self magazine about her body, sex, going to the gym, and her new television show that embodies all of her struggles right now. What was her biggest struggle she confessed to the magazine? Trying to find a gym in New York City when she was filming Kourtney and Kim take New York. Wow. Kim admits that when she moved to New York she gained some weight because she couldnít find a gym. Hear ye! Hear ye! I donít think any man is complaining about that! More cushion for the pushiní! That is what sells for her sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J! Seeing Kimís voluptuous body naked is way more appealing than her counterpart Paris Hilton! Who wants to bend a stick like that over? When you can jiggle an ass like Kim's!