Paris Hilton and the Famous Sex Tape

Who doesn't want to go inside Paris?! Paris Hilton might be an heiress to the Hilton fortune, but she is better known as Paris Hilton the Sex Tape Queen! In 2004 a controversial Paris Hilton sex tape, One Night in Paris, featuring Paris Hilton having sexual intercourse with then boyfriend Rick Salomon had leaked to the public. This was the sex tape scandal that started it all - and skyrocketed Paris into fame! Ever since, many American socialite has-beens like Kim Kardashian have been quick to jump on the fame bandwagon and follow in Paris's footsteps with reputation shattering sex tapes. Paris Hilton was just a meager American Socialite with model like good looks until 2004. Post sex tape scandal Paris added: media personality, model, singer, actress, and fashion designer to her list of um… occupations. Due to the controversial Paris Hilton sex tape and legal battles involving alcohol and drug abuse Paris Hilton is a true example of the modern term ‘celebutante', which is a person who rises to fame not because of actual talent they possess, or any kind of intellectual endeavors, but because of inherited wealth and a controversial lifestyle. The 21st century ‘celebutante' has been major part of pop culture because of Paris Hilton and her antics.

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1 Night in Paris is purely as pornographic as it sounds - the sex tape indeed tarnished the Hilton name as well as Paris's reputation. Most celebrity sex tapes are, and have been very tame. However, 1 Night in Paris changed it all…the content is more than sexually explicit to say the least! The sex video features: full vaginal penetration, oral sex performed on Salomon, and a cum shot. Paris may have the sexual prowess compared to a dead fish, but she certainly out did herself by just being available for Salomon's camera. Which is all men really ask for right? Just open your legs and say, “Yes.” The video tape was not originally intended for release, it was filmed with a single, stationary, tripod camera using “night vision.” Salomon was in fact the one to release the sex tape right before Paris's reality show debut of The Simple Life. The sex tape scandal was certainly timed just about right, which created a media sensation right before the show was about to air. Funny how these things work.

Paris started her acting career after the tape - it was obvious the she deserved a few low budget films roles after being plowed by Rick Salomon's now famous meat stick. Salomon may look as if he thinks with his trouser snake, but he didn't use up every brain cell he had by having sex with Paris…he saved a few and had the sex tape distributed by Red Light District. Later, the tape was sold to Vivid Entertainment where it is now available to watch legally at the public's leisure! If you haven't taken a trip inside Paris, you definitely should. Safe and easy in the comfort of your own home without the valtrex! Definitely a moment inside American pop culture that you should not miss!

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