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Kim may have the titles of American socialite, model, actress, and low budget film star...but more importantly a sex tape queen! Kim Kardashian is best known for being nude - No doubt about that!!! Playboy, W magazine, calendars, sex tapes, and countless other media outlets! Seriously, who can forget about Kim’s sex tape with former R & B singer Ray J??? Kim may be America's best loved ‘celebutante’, known for fame without any specific talent and just an inheritance from Daddy dearest! America 21st century is in love with talentless females! Kim made sure to make a name for herself post sex tape scandal by doing it the easy way- taking her clothes off!

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kim kardashian nude


Kim Kardashian nude in Playboy of 2007 was a regret on her end, but the rest of us are thanking her for the scantly clad photos! Kim posed on the cover in a red number with almost all of her goods in view. Turning to her nude photos in the Playboy December issue- you have Kim naked draped in jewels, and in another photo Kim is turned around (that is usually how we like to see her) nude with a g-string! Kim complained on her reality television show Keeping up with the Kardashians that she is afraid that her image might be tarnished forever due to her sex tape and her photos with Playboy. She is worried she will just be known for taking off her clothes and being nude. Kim, with a body like that why fret about being smart? You can barely spell your own name and you already have a sex tape out before the age of thirty! Your reputation is already formed. You are fine. Show us Kim Kardashian nude and that special behind!

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Before her bouts with Playboy, Kim starred in the sex tape that launched her career and the career of her lover in the sex tape; Ray J. This raunchy video made headlines all around the world. Showing off Kim K nude here, exposed, and ready for the taking! Her curves were now visible for all to see- she may not have launched a thousand ships like Helen of Troy, but she launched more than a thousand just barely teenage boys into puberty! The sex tape was a scandal for Kardashian, tarnishing her reputation and the reputation of her family. However, the video was distributed and is still available for your viewing pleasure. Kim Kardashian is more than nude in the sex tape: She is filmed naked with Ray J who gives it to her from behind... aaahhh...that famous behind! In addition she is on the video giving Ray J a blow job. Kim naughty, nasty, and moaning for your pleasure. That is what we like to see.

Kim now stars in her own reality program with her family: Keeping up with the Kardashians, which features her complaining, and promoting her ‘brand’ through what she know best to do: taking her clothes off! Kim may be getting married soon (haven’t we heard that one before! She has been engaged countless times) but that doesn’t prevent her from being nude!

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